Folder-Gluer For Cardboard Box

Rolam has been designing and manufacturing folder gluers since 2006 and we have a wealth of experience in this field. Our range of fully automated box gluers can greatly enhance box production, and we will use our expertise, heartfelt dedication, and extensive research and development to produce ever-improving box gluer equipment.

Why Choose Rolam's Folder Gluer?


Standards certification of raw materials

As a folding gluing machine factory, Our supply chain team ensures that all raw materials purchased meet the relevant certification standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. This ensures that the steel we use is of high quality and reliable.

Experienced assemblers

With more than a decade of assembly experience, we have gained extensive production experience in installing machines. They have successfully installed hundreds of high-precision machines, which is our impressive achievement in assembly.

Fully automated machining centers

This means that our production processes are more efficient and precise. The automated system ensures highly consistent machining quality and faster production speeds.

Stringent product inspection standards

We conduct comprehensive functionality, durability and safety tests to ensure that our products operate stably in a variety of work environments.

Highlights of Rolam folder-gluers

High-speed folding carton box gluing machines are capable of high output operations (up to 400 m/min) to accommodate folders of different sizes and shapes. These machines are also equipped with various smart devices such as wireless remote controls, full-color displays and adjustable belts for quick adjustments and flexible operation.
Rolam Service
Find the right folder gluer for sale in China for your business.Rolam is an automatic carton folder gluer machine manufacturer, we have a highly qualified pre-sales to post-sales full-service team to ensure optimal performance of your gluer.

One-year warranty for all models

One-on-one technical guidance

Detailed video tutorialsces

Technical Support

Assist installation and commissioning

Remote technical guidance

Machine optimization support

Accessory Offerings

Provide wearing parts

Fast delivery

Meet the customized needs of special parts

Multi-directional services

24 7 customer service response

Video remote guidance

Special foreign offices

Applications of Rolam automatic folding gluing machine

Automatic Folder Gluing Machine FAQ

folder gluer factory tells you about solutions to common problems with folder-gluers

The following are some solutions provided by the folder-gluer machine factory:The paste temperature is unstable: It may be because the temperature controller in the paste tank is faulty. It is recommended to check the settings and connections of the thermostat and ensure that the temperature in the paste tank is stable within an appropriate range. View More

What is a folder gluer machine

folder gluer machine, also known as folder gluer, is a piece of equipment used in the packaging industry. The machine performs the process of folding and gluing corrugated cardboard or cardboard to create various types of packaging materials such as carto View More

What is a fully automatic folder gluer?

The fully automatic folder gluer has a high degree of automation, and its production efficiency is higher than that of the semi-automatic. It can memorize different data from boxes of different shapes, realize automatic memory control of the positioning of the rocking plate, and improve efficiency and accuracy.
In the packaging and printing industry, the application of the folder-gluer is the last process of packaging box processing. Its function is to fold the printed and die-cut cardboard into a shape and glue it together. Carton folder gluer machine replaces the manual box-gluing method. Automatic folding and gluing machine features It reduces labor costs and improves efficiency.

How to maintain folder gluer machine well?

1. The carton gluing machine must be kept clean and in good working condition to achieve performance. The generation of waste material will affect the operation of the machine, so it must be cleaned regularly. The conveyor belt must be cleaned regularly with a brush.
2. The electric eye and reflector on the machine must be cleaned regularly with a smooth cloth because the dirty electric eye will cause the machine to stop.
3. Check whether the motor is in good working condition and whether the brake lining of the motor is worn. If it is worn, it must be replaced. Only qualified personnel can overhaul the electric motor.
4. When using the glue spraying machine, after completing a task, apply a small amount of grease or silicone resin on the nozzle, and clean the nozzle with a needle or compressed air if necessary.
5. The lower paste cylinder needs to be cleaned frequently. Remove the upper cover, remove the glue tank, and clean the glue tank and paste wheel.

How much is the price of the automated box folding machine?

Which carton folding and gluing machine is better? We are a folder gluer manufacturer and box folder gluer machine factory with 17 years of professional experience, providing folder gluer and folder pasting machine manuals, parameters, accessories, solutions to common problems, videos, and corresponding prices. If there is a problem during debugging, we will answer and solve it for you in time.

How much is the price of the automatic folder gluer?
Which automatic folder gluer is better?
We are a folder gluer manufacturer with 17 years of professional experience, providing folder gluer manuals, parameters, accessories, solutions to common problems, videos, and corresponding prices. If there is a problem during debugging, we will answer and solve it for you in time.
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