Production Scale
Modern workshop
As a company specializing in providing intelligent production equipment and solutions for the folding carton, corrugated carton and color printing and packaging industries, Rolam has been focusing on improving its production and R&D capabilities, and our production scale page has been expanding.
Now, we have a 25,000㎡ super-large factory, all of which use modern high-precision equipment assembly workshop for machine production, in order to provide more efficient products.
Scientific assembly
During each day's production in the workshop, we have assembled a 5S visualization management system, ERP software comprehensive coverage and other modern facilities to ensure that our entire production line is scientifically managed. In order to be able to provide the best quality products, we strictly follow scientific rules and regulations, and the professionalism of Rolam equipment has been recognized internationally.
Experienced Production Team
During our fifteen years of development, we have set and strictly complied with the industry standards, and our professional R&D and production staffs are able to control the precision of the whole components, so that the error can be controlled within 5 micron. In addition, we have set up corporate offices around the world, so that the modern management process of tracking-implementation-feedback-summary is implemented.
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