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Top Brand in Packaging Industry

High Quality Manufacturer of Folding Gluing Machine

With 20 years of experience in packaging machinery manufacturing, Rolam specializes in manufacturing various models of gluers,high speed window patching machine and other packaging machinery, providing quality equipment and effective solutions for the carton and corrugated box folding industry.

We also provide effective marketing and responsible after-sales service. All of our equipment comes with an extra-long One-year warranty, Construction of a processing center covering an area of 3,200 square meters.
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High output (Max. 400m/min Running speed)

Water base glue for most of products (environmental protection,economic and convenient )

Adjustable feeder belts

Sizes adjustable for different sizes of job without molds

Wireless remote controller for carriers moving

Squaring devices in different sections to ensure accurate folding

Auxiliary accessories help to form irregular boxes

One machine can make different boxes like Straight-line box, crash lock bottom box, 4/6 corner boxes and other irregular boxes

Why Rolam?
Our company has been designing and manufacturing automatic folder gluer machinery since 2006. We spent the next 16-plus years studying the industries we serve and designing innovative solutions for our customers’ everyday challenges.

You can’t go wrong with choosing Rolam as your supplier for folder-gluer machines. After all, we’re an ISO and CE-certified company for equipment manufacturing. Our high-speed box folder and gluer machinery is designed to increase your production of packaging products. The equipment works double time to assemble boxes of different base materials and sizes, reducing the need for manual labor.

Cardboard Gluing Machine Product

Especially for folding cartons,corrugated cartons and color printing packaging industry to provide the quality production equipment.

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Diversified professional-grade solutions
As folder gluer machine manufacturers and window patching machine manufacturers,We offer you numerous solutions according to the type of product you want to package and the type of machine.Rolam's folder-gluer has the advantages of high efficiency, stability, reliability and easy operation, and it can improve the production efficiency, reduce the labor intensity and save the time and cost.
The scope of application is very wide, and can be used in many industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics and so on.
Automatic Folder Gluer For Folding Carton Solution
Perfectly suited for commercial printing and packaging, Rolam's automated gluers for folding carton solutions offer you the most advantageous solution for high quality, flexible production and fast delivery times.
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Machining center for

high-precision parts

Rolam's accessory machining centers produce many of the key components for our products, giving our staff detailed control over all aspects of the equipment.

In order to ensure efficient equipment for our customers, Rolam has maintained a standard of independent research and manufacturing of equipment since the establishment of the machini ng center. Everything from the quality of the raw materials to the manufacturing process is professionally managed to ensure you receive a superior quality product.

>Better targeting

>Higher precision

>Better quality

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Outstanding quality and service

One-year warranty for the whole machine

The long warranty time comes from our confidence in the quality of our products.

Product quality standard certification

CE certification and ISO9001 and other quality management system certificates.

The power of advanced digital equipment

Our machines are equipped with top-of-the-line components to ensure unrivaled performance and longevity.

Supported by an experienced assembly team

The assembly staff has more than ten years of rich experience in production and assembly.

Stringent product inspection standards

Comprehensive function, durability and safety tests are conducted on the machines.

Comprehensive and attentive service

One-stop service including procurement analysis, installation and commissioning, and many other services
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New Rolam latest news
> Focusing on the Productivity of Corrugated Folder Gluers, ROLAM Strives to Be a Practitioner of Green Box Making
Amidst the daunting challenges posed by global issues, sustainable development has emerged as the core concept guiding the world's progress. Within this context, the paper industry stands as a pivotal sector in implementing the national "dual carbon" strategy.
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> Folder Gluers: Pioneers in the Green Revolution of Cardboard Production
The folder gluer, a marvel of modern industry, is now quietly leading a green revolution in cardboard production.On the efficient production line, the folder gluer transforms pieces of recyclable cardboard into green, recyclable cardboard boxes with precise craftsmanship and intelligent technology.
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