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Especially for folding cartons,corrugated cartons and color printing packaging industry to provide the quality production equipment.

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To provide customers with high-quality,efficient,fast and convenient packaging solutions.

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Insist on Scientific and Technological Innovation,Foundry Quality,Excellence and Excellence

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Zhejiang New Luolan Machinery co.,Ltd

whose previous name was Ruian Gaoke Machinery,was established in 2006.As a professional manufacturer,we not only do manufacturing but also researching marketing andoffering after sales service.We supply quality equipments.effective and convenient solutions for cardboard boxand corrugated box folding industry,printing and packaging industry.We have got CE certifcate in 2008.


High output (Max. 400m/min Running speed)

Water base glue for most of products (environmental protection,economic and convenient )

Adjustable feeder belts

Sizes adjustable for different sizes of job without molds

Wireless remote controller for carriers moving

Squaring devices in different sections to ensure accurate folding

Auxiliary accessories help to form irregular boxes

One machine can make different boxes like Straight-line box, crash lock bottom box, 4/6 corner boxes and other irregular boxes

Why Rolam?

Our company has been designing and manufacturing automatic folder gluer machinery since 2006. We spent the next 16-plus years studying the industries we serve and designing innovative solutions for our customers’ everyday challenges.

You can’t go wrong with choosing Rolam as your supplier for folder-gluer machines. After all, we’re an ISO and CE-certified company for equipment manufacturing. Our high-speed box folder and gluer machinery is designed to increase your production of packaging products. The equipment works double time to assemble boxes of different base materials and sizes, reducing the need for manual labor.

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Insist on Scientific and Technological Innovation,Foundry Quality,Excellence and Excellence

ROLAM Team Activities in 2022
ROLAM Team Activities in 2022

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