Window Patching Machine

Automatic window sticking machine has been introduced, which is widely used in tobacco, alcohol, and Window film for packaging medicine, food, beverage, daily necessities, and handicrafts.

With the improvement of the printing speed of printing machines and the expansion of market demand, the requirements for the speed, precision, and stability of post-press processing equipment are getting higher and higher. Stronger stability and reliability are mainly manifested in the higher precision of post-press equipment, lower error rate, higher reliability, and equipment less affected by the external environment. 

A window sticking machine, also known as a carton window film sticking machine, is a post-press processing equipment used to process various types of cardboard, corrugated paper, cardboard, and other packaging boxes for window sticking. It consists of film sticking, paper drawing, gluing, film cutting, Bonding, and other steps to form. For various window gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, tissue boxes, and window corrugated boxes.

Features of High Speed Window Patching Machine
① High production efficiency, convenient adjustment, convenient glue adding and cleaning operations, greatly improving production efficiency.
②At the same time, the paper is pulled by the bottom of the air suction, and the paper is continued without stopping the machine, and the paper separation is firm.
③Stability and standardization, rotary sizing can ensure uniform glue quantity and has the characteristics of high efficiency and standardization, stable performance, and convenient operation. It is the first choice of high-quality products for post-press processing manufacturers.

The structure of the automatic window sticking machine
The main structure of the window sticking machine includes the paper feeding position; positioning position; glue spraying part; film sticking part; paper receiving part consisting of five parts. The frame features an all-steel steel construction for durability. In production, the window sticking machine can adjust the front and rear positions of paper, glue, and film. The adjustment of the three positions is very convenient and fast, and it is very simple, convenient, and fast to replace products.

Extended information:
Because the folding carton has low processing cost, easy storage, and transportation, suitable for various printing methods (offset printing, gravure printing, letterpress/flexo printing, silk screen printing), easy forming processing (die-cutting creasing, folding, and gluing), applicable In terms of automatic packaging (automatically complete the opening, forming, sealing and other processes), it is easy to sell, display and recycle, and environmentally friendly. Especially through surface processing, it is conducive to the promotion and publicity of commodities and increases the added value of products.

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