What is a folder gluer machine

The folder gluer machine is the last process in packaging box processing. It is a device that folds the printed and die-cut cardboard into shape and glues it together.

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folder gluer machine, also known as folder gluer, is a piece of equipment used in the packaging industry. The machine performs the process of folding and gluing corrugated cardboard or cardboard to create various types of packaging materials such as cartons, boxes, trays, and folders.

Folder gluers take flat corrugated cardboard or cardboard and process it through multiple stages. First, the paper is fed into the machine where it undergoes folding and creasing operations. The adhesive is then applied to specific areas of the paper to hold the folds together. Finally, the machine applies pressure and heat to ensure a strong bond and create the desired package shape.

Folder gluer machines play a vital role in automating and speeding up the packaging material production process. They are commonly used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and logistics. By efficiently converting flat sheets into functional packaging forms, these machines help increase productivity and ensure consistent quality in packaging production.

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The post-maintenance and maintenance issues of the folder-gluing machine are also issues that printing companies need to pay attention to:

1. Machinery must be kept clean and cleaned frequently.

2. Wipe the mechanical belt with clean water to keep it clean to prevent slipping, especially to prevent foreign matter from sticking to the belt. The rubber wheel and glue box on the hook bottom must be cleaned every day after getting off work, otherwise, the glue in the glue box will freeze and affect the gluing effect.

3. The glue box of the upper glue part of this folding box should be kept clean and wiped frequently.

4. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the speed when the speed regulator is stopped, otherwise, the belt wear will be serious.

5. The inner row plate supports, shafts, and rods should be cleaned frequently, and the effect will be better if they are mixed with engine oil and butter. Rocking the shaft from side to side can also prevent rust.

6. Before starting the machine, it is best to drive at a slow speed, check the machine for any abnormalities, and then adjust it to the appropriate speed.

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folder gluer machine is a piece of equipment used in the packaging industry to fold and glue cardboard boxes. It is commonly used to produce small to medium-sized cartons for a variety of applications, such as packaging for food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. This machine can fold and glue various styles of boxes, including straight boxes, bottom-locking boxes, and four-corner boxes.

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