Folder gluer manufacturers tell you about solutions to common problems in folder gluers
(1) The solution for the bell mouth of the folder gluer
Now many bottom folder gluers more or less have this situation, which is mainly due to the poor quality of the folder gluer, such as imported folder gluer equipment with a price of more than 1 million, this problem rarely occurs. But we have already bought a folder gluer, and the equipment also has a bell mouth problem, so we can only find a way to deal with it. Folder-gluer manufacturers suggest starting from the die-cutting stage, and at the same time, do not set the folder-gluer speed too fast. If it is slower, the effect should be much better. If the equipment can be specially designed in the origami part, such as knife row origami, this situation can also be well alleviated.
(2) Solutions for a weak mixture
If the glue is not dry enough, you can check the glue star. If it is on the top, UV varnish late oil carton, you need to install a polishing device on the equipment, and the bonded parts can only be bonded safely after roughening the bonding parts. UV oil adhesive, users can consider choosing).
(3) Solutions for scratches on the appearance of printed matter
The appearance of the printed matter is scratched, which is related to whether origami uses iron wire, especially small boxes that are often difficult to crease with belts, and iron wire can easily scratch the appearance. Small cartons such as combs used daily in hotels can be creased with belts.
(4) Solutions for incorrect paper feeding direction
The direction of paper feeding is incorrect. It is necessary to adjust the direction of placement of the paper stop and the balance of pressure of each part. It can be handled according to the experience of the folder-gluer captain. Because the paper feeding direction of the four-hexagon folder-gluer is wrong, it is necessary to adjust the position of the paper stop to balance the pressure of each part.
(5) Solutions to the problem of empty sheets in the folder-gluer
If the cardboard itself is too light, the folder gluer will be empty. You only need to increase the weight of the paper or arrange the cardboard, and at the same time flatten the cardboard to shake off the paper powder.
The quality of the cardboard is too light, the stack is not high enough, and the operator does not add cardboard, so the friction force of the equipment is not enough, and empty sheets appear. The folder gluer manufacturer tells you that the solution is to require the operator to add cardboard regularly.
The angle of the support bar of the folder-gluer is too high, which causes the cardboard to not be in good contact with the equipment, resulting in empty sheets. The solution is to just adjust the height of the support rod and keep it at an appropriate height.
(6) Solutions for adhesive curing
If the temperature in the box-gluing workshop is too low, the adhesive will cure quickly, which will affect the firmness of the adhesive. It doesn't work even with a certain amount of glue. Of course, the less adhesive used, the more sensitive it will be to room temperature. Therefore, in winter, it is necessary to keep the temperature of the glued box workshop at 20°C or higher, and if conditions permit, air conditioners can be installed.

Extended information:
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