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XL series Automatic high speed intelligent folding gluing machine combined with new advanced technology,controlled by memory system,it is another masterwork of Zhejiang New Luolan Machinery.Automatic folder gluer machine can store memories of different data of different shapes of boxes,which realizes automatic memory control rocking plate position and increases efficiency and accuracy. 

The whole machine adopts servo motor controllers,hook-less structure for the crash lock bottom instead of traditional folder gluer.XL series Automatic high speed intelligent folding gluing machine is your best option for packaging. 

XL Parameters

XL series   650XL 800XL 1100XL
Processed Materials 
Carton board max. 650 MM 800 MM 1100 MM
Corrugated flute type A,B,E A,B,E A,B,E
Speed max. 400 m/min 400 m/min 400 m/min
Inching speed 10 m/min 10 m/min 10 m/min
Thickness of folded box max. 12 mm 20 mm 20 mm
Blank width 650 mm 800 mm 1100 mm
Total power  31 kW 38.2 kW 38.2 kW
Electrical connected load 22.5 kW 25.5 kW 29 kW
Compressed air 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar
Air compressor capacity 10 m³/h 10 m³/h 10 m³/h
Air tank capacity 60 L 60 L 60 L
Dimensions & weight
Length*Width*Height 16*1.55*1.65m 18 *1.7*1.65m 18*2*1.65m
Net Weight 8T 9T 11 T

XL Parameters

Paper Feeding Section

Rail width can be horizontally adjusted and set by seven pieces 30mm
thickened feeding belt and 10mm metal board.

Operators can operate feeder switch  in any regional.

Embossing drive wheel guide the feeding section belt, side feed gates in
the right and left are adjustable according to the products.

Vibration device coordinate with motor which helps machine consecutive
and automatic feeding quick and simply.  Feeder section can stack 400MM
height paper board.

Independently motorized servo motor control, simultaneous
feeding mode with the main motor.

Feeder section equipped with three pieces feeding knife, adjust
the asymmetrical lengths as per the box sample.

Pre-folding section

Special first folding line pre-fold 180°. third line 165° ,which perfectly meeting
the requirements of automatic packaging industry.

Lower gluing tank

lower gluing tank is large volume.

Easy to remove and clean

Electronic upper gluing system by guns.

Folding and closing

The Second and fourth folding line 180°

Folding and closing section transmit from right and left side ,the belt speed can
be adjusted separately and correct the way of box running to ensure straightly delivery.

Trombone section

Up and down belt can be adjusted separately.

Equipped with photo-electronic counting device and kicking paper device, which
can press the paper after accounting and make it easy to pack . Also equipped with
feeding paper inspection device.


Equipped with special additional sponge belt for the press of boxes valley part.

Upper section moves back and forward, allowing for different box length.

Upper section moves back and forward, allowing for different box length.

4 and 6-corner device

Motorized and untimed electronic back folding system with intelligent servo motor technology

Memory function


When setting a job, board of machine have it’s own position. Controlled by servo driver, the memory control system worked by saving data of board positioning, which have realized artificial intelligence and highly improved the efficiency and precision of box forming.

Spraying System

Equipped with three guns, convenient in the production of 4/6 corner box and
various special-shaped box, gluing quickly and accurately sizing

Samples Parameters

Straight-line box
Model 650Type 800Type 1100Type
A 75-650 75-800 75-1100
B 60-650 60-800 60-800
C(Min) 35 35 35
Crash lock bottom box
Model 650Type 800Type 1100Type
A 160-650 160-800 160-1100
B 90-900 90-900 90-900
C(Min) 20 20 20
D(Min) 30 30 30
E(Min) 40 40 40
Tapered box
Model 650Type 800Type 1100Type
A 160-650 160-800 160-1100
B 90-650 90-800 90-1100
C(Min) 40 40 40
D(Min) 35 35 35
E(Min) 20 20 20
4 corners box
Model 650Type 800Type 1100Type
A 160-500 160-800 160-1100
B 120-650 120-800 120-1000
C(Min) 30-100 30-100 30-100
D(Min) 90 90 90
E(Min) 80 80 80
6 corners box  
Model  650Type 800 Type 1100 Type
A 250-650 250-800 250-1100
B 120-800 120-800 120-800
C(Min) 30-100 30-100 30-100
D(Min) 90 90 90
E(Min) 80 80 80

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