Machining Centers
In order to be able to offer higher quality, faster speeds and the best possible service, Rolam has built a 3200 m² machining center.
All parts are processed from raw materials in our dedicated machining center, which is a true "from scratch" production process, meaning we have greater quality control over our production.
How Machining Centers Work
Rolam's machining centers are able to form an integrated production fit with the assembly shop, ensuring that the machines produced are of a high level of precision and standard.
Why Need Machining Centers
Better targeting
Many of the main components of the products Rolam sells are produced in our machining centers, so our staff has detailed control over every piece of equipment. You can buy our products with confidence, in addition to excellent product quality, you can also get more targeted after-sales Q&A service.
Higher precision
In order to bring efficient equipment to our customers, Rolam has maintained the production guideline of self-development and machining of standard equipment since the construction of the machining center, and has maintained the operation of the equipment with higher precision and better-fitting parts. The machining centers are running just as they were set up from the beginning, bringing you more stable operation and higher profits.
Better quality
The integrated process of exclusive processing center and assembly workshop determines that the products we sell will comply with the company's strict regulations, whether it is the quality of raw materials or the production process will be professionally regulated to ensure that you can receive products of superior quality.
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