Accessories For Folder Gluer

Folder Gluer Accessories include a Plasma device, GK-450 Automatic Box Stacker, 4 Channels System, Double-side machine, Spraying system, and Bar Code System.

The plasma device of the folder gluer is derived from German technology. It has been used and tested for many years in industries such as mobile phones, glass, plastics, bottle stickers, EPDM, cartons, and cables. The plasma surface processor is used in subsequent bonding, printing, and coding, spraying, gluing, and welding processes play a key role.

Automatic palletizers are used to fold cartons to make packing easier. The automatic box-receiving machine transfers the box body from the folder gluer to the conveyor belt structure. The carton stacking direction is a 90-degree three-dimensional rotation. The carton stacking method is much more convenient than flat laying. Only two people are needed to handle folder-gluer folding boxes at a speed of 200 m/min, which greatly improves work efficiency and reduces labor intensity without breaking the original count.

The cold glue spraying machine produced by us has a 4-channel system. It is an automatic auxiliary gluing equipment in the printing and packaging industry. It can be installed on folder-gluing machines, paper bag machines, assembly machines, folding machines, three-dimensional box machines, and other processing equipment. , according to the product requirements of different sizes and shapes, the individual parameter requirements such as the amount of glue and the position of glue spraying can be adjusted. It is widely used in corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, high-end gift boxes, three-dimensional boxes, boxes in boxes, express bags, Books, and other industries.

The double-sided machine is to glue the single-sided corrugated cardboard and the face paper, heats and solidifies, dries, and cold-set to form a high-quality three-layer, five-layer, or seven-layer corrugated cardboard, and then passes the corrugated cardboard to the slitting and creasing machine, etc. The equipment cuts the cardboard.

Using the cold glue spraying system on the folder gluer to replace the traditional roller gluing has the advantages of high efficiency, flexibility, good stability, and easy operation and maintenance. It is an essential product for the fast and high-quality production of various cartons. Our folder gluer spraying system is equipped with three guns, which is convenient for producing 4/6 corner boxes and various special-shaped boxes. It is characterized by fast gluing and accurate dimensions.

The barcode system adopts high-efficiency sensing technology for barcode detection and compares and distinguishes color codes, drug codes, EAN codes, and two-dimensional codes. No tedious setup work is required. Equipped with an 8-inch high-quality touch screen, and English display, easy to operate. The controller displays barcodes, production speed, throughput, and the number of defectives. Displays and records the last ten incorrect product information for traceability. It is used for faulty product alarms and shutdowns.

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