Techical Services

Technical services will be presented from pre-sales toafter-sales to every spectAccording to each custom-ers different character is tics andexpectations, we provide you with personalized advise andcustomized services


We provide training services to all of our clients;which help employess betterunderstand the equipment to ensure high productvity

In-depth Inspection And Maintenance

Through high-quality measurement and infomation ,We provideyou with detailed infomation for all the im-provement,maintenanceand repairment of equipment To help your equipment working be high efficiency

Spare Parts And Consumables

We have normative spare parts stock system.all parts used up to the quality standard. We guarantee the shortest delivery time and the best quality.All spare parts delivered with instructions

Machine Improvments

In order to provide the best equipment to our clients we never stops working on updating and improving our products. More than 10 years manufacturing experience enable us to provide the most professional improvment and optimization to your equipment

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