New Luolan automatic c gluer machine, cardboard box machine product

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Zhejiang New Luolan Machinery co., Ltd was established in 196. It is a specialized equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales, and services. Equipment can provide customers with high-quality, high-efficiency, fast, and convenient packaging solutions.

It is committed to bringing intelligent, automated, digital, and green high-speed paste box equipment to the global printing and packaging industry. It is the goal and corporate vision of the new luolan people's diligently.

"We can provide professional technical services from global users from pre-sale to after-sales, to every link and detail. And according to the different needs and expectations of each customer, provide personalized suggestions and customized services."

Production technology

Today, we will mainly recommend the following four models for everyone:

(1)XL series automatic high-speed intelligent folder-gluer

It can not only produce unilateral, bilateral, and hook box types, but also can meet the formation of four-corner and hexagonal boxes.

The XL series fully automatic new intelligent folder-gluer combines advanced design technologies, which are concentrated in the memory control system, storage, and memory of different specifications of paper box positioning parameters, achieving full-automatic memory control shaking board positioning, improving the efficiency of box-making efficiency Breeding accuracy. The whole machine adopts a servo motor control system to design a general module, including the correction function of the carton speaker mouth, the hyper-line, and the offline light. , 80%faster than the traditional lock device.

XL SERIES Automatic High Speed Intelligent 4-6 corner Folder Gluer

(2)PC series automatic high-speed folder gluer
The PC series fully automatic series folder gluer, rail-type operation, stable performance, controllable, and operable. This machine is aimed at various lock packaging boxes, which perfectly meet the needs of various packaging industries.

Features: The whole machine adopts independent motor control, a PLC frequency conversion control system, and a three-plate track device, the bending belt of the folding part is controlled by independent frequency conversion, and various accessories can be added.

PC SERIES Automatic High-Speed Folder Gluer

(3)GS series automatic high-speed folder gluer

GS series automatic high-speed folder gluer is suitable for the production of linear boxes, lock boxes, bilateral stickers, four hexagonal boxes, etc., which can provide staff with unlimited creative space and operations.

This series of fully automatic high-speed paste box machines combine the design concepts and technologies of double shells, which are concentrated in accurate and fast single-order, multifunctional working platform configuration to meet the production requirements of small batches of large and medium-sized packaging boxes in the market; The whole machine is stored and can be retrieved at will. The new multifunctional universal module is configured. The main transmission uses a multi-wedge belt transmission. Dental, the conductive board uses an electric joystick.

GS SERIES Automatic High Speed 4 and 6 corner Folder Gluer

(4)PCS series automatic group folder gluer

PCS series automatic group folder gluer is a rail-type operation. The performance is stable, controllable, and operable. This machine is equipped with a variety of four hexagonal packaging boxes, equipped with a back falling function, perfectly combining the needs of the automation packaging industry.

Features: The whole machine is controlled by an independent motor, the PLC frequency conversion control system, and the three-board track device. The aluminum plate is a sliding structure, which can be equipped with various accessories. It can produce box types such as square boxes, lock boxes, and four hexagonal corners (for customer box shapes, provide corresponding functions).

PCS SERIES Automatic Grouping 4 and 6 corner Folder Gluer

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