Introduction to the types of gluing machine and the difference with manual gluing process

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The gluing machine is generally divided into automatic carton gluing machine, zipper gluing machine, coating machine, sealed strong gluing machine, white glue gluing machine, super glue gluing machine, resin gluing machine, and yellow glue gluing machine There are more than ten kinds of machines, hot-melt glue machines, etc., mainly according to the purpose, and the names are different. Briefly introduce the automatic carton gluer machine, zipper gluer, and coating machine.

XL SERIES Automatic High Speed Intelligent 4-6 corner Folder Gluer

XL SERIES Automatic High Speed Intelligent 4-6 corner Folder Gluer

Automatic carton gluer
Carton is the most widely used packaging product. According to different materials, there are corrugated cartons, single-layer cardboard boxes, etc., with various specifications and models. Cartons are commonly used with three layers, five layers, and seven layers. Each layer is divided into inner paper, Corrugated paper, core paper, surface paper, tea board paper, kraft paper, and corrugated paper for core paper. The color and feel of each kind of paper are different, and the paper (color, feel) produced by different manufacturers is also different. During the production and processing of cartons, it is often necessary to use an automatic glue to glue the cartons off the cartons. XL series automatic high-speed intelligent folder-gluer can memorize different data of boxes of different shapes, realize automatic memory control of rocking plate position and improve efficiency and accuracy.

How to use the zipper glue machine? How to operate a zipper laminating machine?
A positioning device for a zipper gluing machine and a method for using the same, comprising an upper mold frame and a lower mold frame which are connected through an upper and lower transmission device, and an upper crochet guide plate and a crochet hook is installed between the upper mold frame and the lower mold frame. The lower guide plate of the crochet hook, upper guide plate of the crochet hook is clamped on the upper side of the lower guide plate of the crochet hook, and the zipper can pass through between the two, an adjustment mechanism is installed on the upper side of the upper guide plate of the crochet hook, the lower crochet hook The lower side of the guide plate is connected with the lower mold frame through an elastic mechanism, and the top surface of the lower guide plate of the crochet can be lowered to be flush with the highest surface of the welding head of the zipper gluer through the elastic mechanism. By setting the elastic mechanism, when the upper mold base is lowered, the top of the crochet lower guide plate is flush with the highest surface of the welding head, so as to not only ensure the thickness required for glue application but also ensure that the crochet lower guide plate is flush with the highest surface of the welding head. That is, the flatness of the zipper during gluing, so as to effectively avoid the arching phenomenon of the zipper in the gluing process, which is beneficial to the product positioning of the subsequent process.

What is the coating machine for?
The coating machine is mainly used in the production of surface coating processes such as film and paper. The coating machine is to coat the rolled substrate with a layer of glue, paint or ink with specific functions, and then rolls it after drying. The coating machine uses a special multi-functional coating head, which can realize various forms of surface coating, and its winding and unwinding all use a full-speed automatic film splicing mechanism.

The gluing machine is different from the manual gluing process, and has the following advantages: glue saving, environmental protection, and no waste; an anti-involvement device to prevent hands and work objects from being involved in the glue storage tank and rollers; gluing thickness, width, The speed can be adjusted according to customer requirements; the glue is evenly applied, no glue dripping, no glue leakage and the glue is cut quickly and neatly; the built-in time control device can cut the glue accurately and automatically.

Warm reminder from the manufacturer of the gluing machine: Mechanical equipment does play a very important role in our lives. Without mechanical equipment, many tasks in our lives will not be possible. It can be seen that mechanical equipment has become an indispensable part of our life. a part of. In order to increase the service life of mechanical equipment, everyone must do equipment maintenance work at ordinary times.

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