Folder gluer machine manufacturers talk about problems and solutions in the carton-gluing process

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During the pasting process of the Folder gluer machine, everyone encountered various problems. At the same time, there were also various solutions. The following is a detailed analysis of some problems and their causes:

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1. The sticking fastness is not high, and the carton is degummed
Degumming refers to falling off due to insufficient adhesion fastness. The main reasons are:
① The viscosity of the adhesive is not enough or the amount of glue applied is insufficient;
② Adhesive and carton material are not suitable;
③ If the adhesive part of the carton is treated with surface coating, glazing, etc., it is difficult for the adhesive to penetrate into the paper through the surface layer, so it is difficult to stick firmly to such a carton;
④ After folding and gluing, the pressure is insufficient and the pressurization time is not long enough, which is not conducive to strong adhesion.

Solutions for weak paste:
(1) For the above problems caused by adhesives that the pasting box is not firm, the adhesive that is suitable for the carton material to be pasted should be selected.

The selection and use of adhesives are also particular.

When choosing an adhesive, it is necessary to analyze the specific situation. According to the carton of different materials and conditions, choose different adhesives:
1) For packaging color boxes without surface treatment, use paper, and paper adhesive when gluing the box;
2) The surface-coated box is made of film and paper adhesive;
3) Oil and paper adhesive is used for the box with the oiled surface;
4) For products sent to cold climate areas, adhesives with strong low-temperature resistance should be selected;
5) When the products are sent to the tropics, high-temperature-resistant and strong adhesives should be selected;
6) The speed of the automatic folder-gluer is high, and the pressing time is short, so an adhesive with a fast drying time should be selected;
7) The speed of manual pasting is slow, and the adhesive with slow drying time can be selected for long pressing time;
8) When pasting the linear box, the pressing and curing time can be shortened;
9) When pasting the bottom box automatically, the pressing and curing time should be correspondingly longer;
10) In summer, choose an adhesive with a slower drying time;
11) In winter, choose adhesives with faster drying time.

Second, the bonding force of the adhesive should be strong.

Because the momentary pressure in the forming part is not very high, and during the high-speed operation process of producing 30-40 cartons per minute, the pressing residence time is not long.

The adhesive with strong cohesive force can stick the carton firmly even if it is pressed lightly.

Finally, the ambient temperature of the operating shop will have some effect on the adhesive.

If the temperature of the operating workshop is too low, the adhesive will solidify immediately, affecting the firmness of the bond, even if the amount of glue applied is too large, it will not work.

Of course, the less glue you apply, the more sensitive it is to room temperature. Therefore, the temperature of the operating workshop in winter should be kept above 20°C as much as possible, and if possible, air conditioners can be installed for adjustment.

In the operation workshop, a large and easy-to-see thermometer should also be installed to check and control the working environment at any time.

Pasted products, should be dried at room temperature before leaving the factory. In winter, do not rush to deliver the goods before drying.

(2) For the cartons that have been coated and glazed, there are four ways to solve the problem of the glue box being unstable:

① When die-cutting, place a sewing knife at the sticky mouth to puncture the surface of the sticky mouth, which is conducive to the penetration of the adhesive;

② Use the edge grinding device attached to the automatic folder gluer to grind the surface of the sticky mouth to facilitate the penetration of the adhesive;

③ Spray hot melt adhesive to the sticky part, use high temperature to melt the material on the sticky surface, and improve the firmness of the pasting box;

④ When designing pre-press box type, it is possible to reserve glue-coated parts on the edge of the box to be coated and glazed in advance.

(3) For the unstable glue box caused by insufficient pressure, you can increase the pressure of the crimping part of the folder gluer, prolong the crimping time, or replace the adhesive with strong cohesion.

Two, carton deformation

There are three main reasons for carton deformation:

① Some die-cutting plates are handmade, often resulting in inconsistent cartons and deformation of the gluer carton due to low precision;

② The concentration of the adhesive is low and the water content is high, which will cause the cardboard to absorb moisture and deform, and the carton will be uneven after forming:

③ The folder gluer itself is not adjusted properly.


As long as the quality of die-cutting is stable, choosing the right adhesive and adjusting the folder gluer can be solved.

3. The sticky mouth of the carton is skewed

There are three main reasons for the sticky mouth of the carton to be skewed:

① The indentation groove of the indentation steel wire is too wide and the indentation pressure is not enough, so the indentation line is not full, and the indentation line cannot be folded accurately when folding;

② The folding transmission is improperly adjusted, and the conveying speeds of the left and right sides of the box are inconsistent, causing the sticky mouth to be skewed;

③ Improper installation of the folding lever.


① Reduce the indentation groove width of the indentation steel wire and increase the indentation pressure;

②Adjust the folding transmission to make the conveying speeds of the left and right sides of the carton consistent, and reinstall the folding lever.

Fourth, the sticky mouth alignment is not allowed

The inaccurate alignment of the sticky mouth refers to the dislocation of the sticky mouth, and the misplaced carton cannot be formed well.

This phenomenon is usually caused by the inaccuracy of machine adjustment. Furthermore, it is mainly due to the insufficient understanding of the operator on the box type and the folder gluer, which affects his operation level.


The training of operators should be strengthened to improve their operating skills and their understanding of complex box shapes, which will effectively avoid the problem of inaccurate alignment of the sticky mouth.

Five, sticky mouth overflow glue

Glue overflow refers to excess adhesive flowing out of the sticky opening.


This phenomenon is mainly caused by the dislocation of the paste box and the excessive amount of adhesive. By grinding the sticky mouth and reducing the amount of glue applied, the occurrence of glue overflow can be effectively reduced.

What is a folder gluer machine?

In the packaging and printing industry, the application of the folder gluer is the last process of packaging box processing. It is to fold the printed and die-cut cardboard into shape and glue it to the paste. The machine gluer replaces the manual gluer method, reducing the cost. Labor costs and improved efficiency.

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