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New Loulan Gluer Machine

Zhejiang New Luolan Machinery co.,Ltd

CS series automatic folder gluer is suitable for straight-line, crash-lockbottom, double wall, 4&6-corner boxes CS series folder  gluer isintegrated with the most advanced concepts and technologies of New Luolan Machinery. It can run from small to large  size boxes with accuracy in fast job change to meet to the demand of Wide range of packaging companies, commercial printers and finishers. Memory storingof your products data With new design of multifunctional generalmodule, Which is more efficient in operating. Driven by conveyor belt which is more steady and accurate. Feeding part with independent motor control, Which improves machine adjusting speed. We offer oubest solutions for complicated boxes by creative ideas to make the operation and adjustment easier. New Luolan Machinery has been committed to offer the industry an affordable, cost effective and complete state of the art solution for the folding and gluing needs of today. converter and market demands.

Automatic High Speed Intelligent 4-6 corner Folder Gluer

XL Folder gluer Machine

XL series Automatic high speed intelligent folding gluing machine combined with new advanced technology,controlled by memory system,it is another masterwork of Zhejiang New Luolan Machinery.It can store memories of different data of different shapes of boxes,which realizes automatic memory control rocking plate position and increases efficiency and accuracy. The whole machine adopts servo motor controllers,hook-less structure for the crash lock bottom instead of traditional folder gluer.XL series Automatic high speed intelligent folding gluing machine is your best option for packaging. 

Automatic High Speed 4 and 6 corner Folder Gluer

GS Automatic High Speed Folder Gluer Parameters

GS series  650GS 800GS 1100GS
Processed Materials 
Carton board max. 650 MM 800 MM 1100 MM
Corrugated flute type A,B,E A,B,E A,B,E
Speed max. 400 m/min 400 m/min 400 m/min
Inching speed 10 m/min 10 m/min 10 m/min
Thickness of folded box max. 12 mm 20 mm 20 mm
Blank width 650 mm 800 mm 1100 mm
Total Power 29.5kw 31 kW 31.2 kW
Compressed air 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar
Air compressor capacity 10 m³/h 10 m³/h 10 m³/h
Air tank capacity 60 L 60 L 60 L
Dimensions & weight
Length*Width*Height 12*1.4*1.8m 16.5 *1.4*1.8m 16.5*1.7*1.9m
Net Weight 6T 6.6T 7.6 T

Automatic folder gluer 

Automatic Folder Gluer Machine

PC  auto folder gluer machine Parameters

Name GK-PC Automatic High-Speed Folder Gluer
model GK-1200PC GK-1450PC GK-1600PC GK-1800PC
Paper Material Cardboaed210-800g  A/B/E Corrugated
Max. Liner speed Max. 260 meter/minute
Feeding way Automatically and continuously feeding
Way of folding  Fold 1 and fold 3 are 180°
Glue Material Water-base cold glue
Power Supply 3P380V50HZ
Total power 18.8kw 20.5kw 21.8kw 21.8kw
Weight 8T 9T 10T 12T
Over dimension 15x1.85x1.6m 15x2.1x1.6m 15x2.3x1.6m 15x2.5x1.6m
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