High-speed automatic folder-gluer machine needs attention and common problems

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At present, on packaging, the carton machinery is responsible for the final finishing work. Whether a carton looks good or not depends on this step. At present, the overall technology of the Tiandi Paperboard machinery is still quite different from that of foreign countries. For the long-term development of the folder gluer in the future, it needs to work hard from the following aspects.

The first is to give the folder gluer more functions, especially in the processing of special-shaped boxes, the folder gluer must be able to adapt to this production. The second is that the production efficiency of the folder-gluer has to be improved. Now there are a lot of packaging manufacturers. Only by starting with the delivery speed can we get more orders. Then it is necessary to work hard on the degree of automation of the folder gluer. This is based on the consideration of cost reduction, so that intermediate production costs can be saved, and in the long run, it can save companies a lot of costs. Finally, it is possible to realize the production of small batch orders, which can seize the current market for small batch orders.

High-speed automatic folder gluer needs attention:

1. The operation interface of the folder gluer should be kept clean and cleaned frequently.

2. Wipe the mechanical belt with clean water to keep it clean to prevent slipping, especially to prevent sticking to the belt. The glue wheel and glue box on the bottom of the hook must be cleaned after get off work every day, otherwise the glue in the glue box will freeze and affect the glueing effect.

3. The glue box of the glue part of the fold should be kept clean and clean and scrubbed frequently.

4. Cancel the speed regulation when the governor stops, otherwise the belt will be worn seriously.

5. The inner row plate support, shaft and rod should be cleaned frequently, and the effect of mixing with lubricating oil and powder will be better and it can shake left and right to prevent wear.

6. It is best to drive slowly before starting up and check whether the machine is abnormal.

Common problems of high-speed automatic folder gluer:

1. The viscosity of the adhesive is not good or the amount of glue is lacking.

2. The adhesive does not match the carton data.

3. The sticking part of the carton is processed by coating, glazing, etc. It is difficult for the adhesive to penetrate the surface and enter the paper, making the carton difficult to stick firmly.

4. After folding and gluing, the pressure is insufficient, and the compression time is not long, which is not conducive to the strong paste.

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