The solution for the misalignment of adhesive mouth when a folder gluer is used to glue paper boxes

The issue of paper box adhesive mouth misalignment during the folder gluer process is typically caused by several key factors, including improper crease line groove width, insufficient creasing pressure, and improper adjustment of the folding transmission gear. Here are some solutions to address this problem:

Firstly, adjust the crease line groove width and increase the creasing pressure to ensure that the crease line is full and substantial, which will allow the paper box to be folded accurately along the crease line.

Secondly, properly adjust the folding transmission gear to ensure that the left and right sides of the paper box are transported at the same speed, preventing misalignment of the adhesive mouth due to differences in speed.

Reinstall the folding rod and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that it is installed correctly and functions properly.

Lastly, strengthen the training of operators to enhance their understanding of complex box types and their operational skills, which will help to avoid misalignment of the adhesive mouth due to operational errors.

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