The Demand for Industrial Packaging - Folder Gluer

The Working Principle of the Folder Gluer

As a key piece of machinery in the field of industrial packaging, the folder gluer plays a central role in precisely and efficiently folding flat paper into specific box shapes, and through automated gluing processes, ensuring that the boxes have a perfect shape and a sturdy structure. Generally speaking, the working process of the folder gluer mainly includes three important steps: folding, gluing, and coding.

In the initial folding stage, the flat paper is shaped into a preliminary box shape through the fine pressing of machine rollers, standardized folding, and seamless fitting. When it enters the second step of the gluing process, the box becomes compact under the strong pressure of the hydraulic press, and the glue is accurately sprayed on the top, followed by the rapid automatic closure of the bucket cover. In the final coding stage, the stacking machine neatly places the boxes into the packaging box, which is then precisely coded by the coder.

The Application of the Folder Gluer

The folder gluer has a wide range of applications in the packaging fields of food, beverages, cosmetics, daily necessities, and medicine, especially for industrial products that require large-scale packaging. For example, industrial products with a large demand for packaging, such as milk tea, pastries, cosmetics, and bedding, can achieve high-efficiency and standardized automated packaging results with the strong support of the folder gluer, effectively reducing labor costs and greatly improving production efficiency.

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