Overview of plasma device

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Plasma refers to a gas that is partially or completely ionized, and the sum of the positive and negative biases carried by free electrons and ions is completely replaced, showing a neutral charge. Ionized gaseous matter composed of positive and negative electrons generated by the ionization of atoms. It is widely present in the universe and is often regarded as the fourth state of matter existence except for solid, liquid, and gas.

Principle introduction

The seemingly "mysterious" plasma is actually a common substance in the universe. Plasma exists in the sun, stars, and lightning, and it accounts for 99% of the entire universe. Now people have mastered the use of electric and magnetic fields to control plasma. Plasma can be divided into two types: high temperature and low temperature plasma.
The ionization rate of low-temperature plasma is low, the electron temperature is much higher than the ion temperature, and the ion temperature can even be equivalent to room temperature. Therefore, low-temperature plasma is a non-thermal equilibrium plasma. There are a large number of active particles in the low-temperature plasma, which are more diverse and more active than the usual chemical reaction, and are easier to contact with the surface of the material Reflects, so they are used to modify the surface of the material.
Compared with traditional methods, plasma surface treatment has significant advantages such as low cost, no waste, and no pollution. At the same time, it can obtain treatment effects that are difficult to achieve by traditional chemical methods. Now low-temperature plasma device is widely used in various fields such as metals, microelectronics, polymers, biological functional materials, low-temperature sterilization and pollution control.

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