Maintenance and maintenance of folder gluer

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Compared with the traditional manual folder gluing machine, the folder gluing machine has the characteristics of smooth speed regulation, accurate counting, easy operation, straight folding box, reliable sticking, hygienic and funny, stable quality, strong versatility, wide application range, etc., and printing The machine, die cutting machine and other machinery are matched to realize the automatic operation of the box making industry.

Maintenance and maintenance of folder gluer


  1. Machines must be kept clean and cleaned frequently.
  2. The mechanical belt is cleaned with clean water to prevent it from slipping, especially to prevent it from sticking to the belt. The glue wheel and the glue box at the bottom of the hook must be cleaned every day after get off work, otherwise the glue inside the glue box will freeze and affect the glue effect.
  3. Keep the glue box in the gluing part clean and clean, and scrub frequently.
  4. Speed regulation is strictly prohibited when the governor is stopped, otherwise the belt wear will be severe.
  5. The inner row of board supports, shafts, and rods must be cleaned frequently, and the use of a combination of moisturizing oil and butter can better shake it to prevent rust.
  6. It is best to drive at a slow speed before turning on the machine to check whether the machine is abnormal.


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