Common window patching machine faults and solutions

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When the window patching machine is turned on, the motor makes a strange sound and the film cannot be sent.
    (1) Check whether the steering of the main motor is accurate, and adjust to the exact direction indicated by the arrow;
    (2) Whether the motor driver shows faults, turn off the main power supply of the window pasting machine and re-energize to recover.
    During the operation, the film feeding scale is staggered, and the feeding scale is more than 5mm shorter than the pre-adjusted scale. The window sticking machine is intermittently showing a solution without film feeding: window sticking machine
    (1) The sensitivity of the photoelectric eye is not well adjusted or the polarity is incorrectly selected;
    (2) The photoelectric switch seat is leaking to the ground or short-circuited between the terminals, which should be replaced;
    (3) The unwinding speed is lower than the feeding speed. It is necessary to relax the film pressing strips, check some properties of the unwinding, and eliminate the faults.
    The motor torque is significantly reduced, and the bag-making dimensions are not accurate, indicating that the driver of the window patcher is faulty, or the connection between the rubber roller of the window patcher and the motor is somewhat blocked.
    How to deal with inaccurate photoelectric tracking when attaching a window mechanism bag:
    (1) The photoelectric eye adjustment method and the selection of operating conditions are inaccurate, please adjust accurately according to the requirements of the statement;
    (2) The pre-adjusted film feeding length (when adjusting the blank bag) and the actual bag size error are too large, the length of the production line or the pressure should be set from the beginning, and the equipment should be adjusted;
    (3) If the film resistance is too large or the quality of the finished product in the previous process is poor, the information should be checked and replaced.

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