What is a folder gluer ?

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In the packaging and printing industry, the application of the folder gluer is the final process of packaging box processing. It is to fold and print the printed and die-cut cardboard, and paste the paste. The machine paste box replaces the manual paste box method, which reduces the Labor costs increase efficiency. The parts of the folder gluing machine are divided into a paper feeding part, a pre-folding part, a hook bottom, a forming part and a box pressing part. According to the function, the folder gluer is divided into a smooth paste folder machine, a hook bottom paste folder machine, etc. The general folder paste machine does not have a groove bottom function or even pre-folding, and a better one is pre-folding. Of course, most of the current folder-gluing machines There are pre-folding. Of course, you must use a groove bottom paste box machine to make a hook bottom box. The better function paste box machine can also make hexagonal and opposite sex boxes, but it needs to be equipped with a glue spray system and other devices.

What is a folder gluer ?

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