How to solve the continuity "blowout" of the automatic folder gluer?

To address the continuous "blowout" issue in automatic box folder gluer, we can analyze and discuss the influencing factors of the "blowout" phenomenon during box gluing from the following perspectives:

1. Quality of adhesive: The quality and performance of the adhesive directly affect the bonding strength of the glued area. Using low-quality or inappropriate adhesives may result in poor bonding at the glued area, leading to adhesive failure and cracking.

2. Control of adhesive application amount: Both insufficient and excessive adhesive application amounts can lead to bonding issues at the glued area. When using a box folder gluer for box gluing, it is crucial to control the amount of adhesive applied. Insufficient adhesive cannot ensure a strong bond, while excessive adhesive can make the glued area too wet, causing adhesive failure.

3. Quality of substrate: The quality of the cardboard and its surface treatment condition is also one of the factors affecting the occurrence of "blowout" during box gluing. Irregular or poorly treated cardboard is prone to adhesive failure.

4. Skewing issue: During box gluing, if the cardboard is skewed or not properly positioned, the bonding strength at the glued area will be affected, leading to the occurrence of the "blowout" phenomenon.

In conclusion, the key to addressing the "blowout" issue during box gluing lies in optimizing the selection and use of adhesives, controlling the amount of adhesive applied, ensuring the quality and surface treatment of the cardboard, and preventing skewing issues. Additionally, adjusting the operational parameters of the box folder gluer, conducting equipment maintenance and upkeep, and enhancing the operational skills and experience of the operators are also crucial in reducing the occurrence of "blowout" phenomena.

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