GK-CB Automatic crash lock bottom folder gluer

GK-CB Automatic crash lock bottom folder gluer

Folder-Gluer For Cardboard Box
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GK-CB Automatic crash lock bottom folder gluer GK-CB Automatic crash lock bottom folder gluer GK-CB Automatic crash lock bottom folder gluer GK-CB Automatic crash lock bottom folder gluer GK-CB Automatic crash lock bottom folder gluer
Product Description

Model GK-650CB GK-780CB
Paper Material Cardboard 210-800g
Max. Liner speed Max. 220 meter/minute
Feeding way Automatically and continuously feeding
Way of folding  Fold 1 and fold 3 are 180°,
Fold 2 and fold 4 are 90°and 180°             
Bottom folded and glued
Glue Material Water-base cold glue
Electric power 6.0kw   380v 6.0kw  380v
Weight 3.0T 3.5T
Over dimension 8.45x1.3x1.45m 8.45x1.45x1.45m

Folding part length:1392mm
With the function of 135 degree folding


Series CB model A folding gluing machine is 4-fold bottom-lock machine,adopt synchronous belt transmission and electronic continuously variable speeder,domestic standard electronic components,feeding section adopt mechanic continuously variable,stable and easy to control and operate.It is widely used in food,medicine,cosmetics,stationery and other ordinary cartons,process and glue for all kinds of bottom-locked cartons. Pre-fold section is applied to auto packaging, fold 2 and fold 4 of all cartons can reach 90°and 180°,perfectly combing the requirements of auto packaging together.

Feature introduction


5 pcs Adjustable feeding belts to ensure easy adjustment, stable and smoothly feeding.

Continuously Variable Speeder to ensure feeding internal and stable transmission.

One-touch Pneumatic knife, easy for the adjustment of feeding belts.


Double-board structure with a set of pre-folding knife.

Pre-fold angle is 180°and 90°, especially suitable for small but high cartons, more satisfactory while rapid prototyping


3 board tracking structure, upper gluer can make bottom-locked box automatic
gluing and forming, can be used for the special-shaped cartons.

The entire bottom-lock part is installed in a reversible bracket, substantially reduce
the swap adjustment time of bottom-fold box and the other types of box.

Bottom-folding speed is 50-200 pcs per min, stable and reliable.


Lengthened folding to avoid the unevenness while the rapid forming of
cartons and make it come to perfection.

Full pressing

2 board structure

Two modes for pressing belt speeding:

Auto: set distance between boxes, pressing belt speed is the same as
the machine, belt removes while sensor detect it.

Manual: pressing belt conveys in a fixed speed and machine speed will
not put any effect on it.

With counting device to count the finished boxes to match with  boxes
regulating, easy to count and pack.


Equipped with feeding paper inspection device.

Equipped with impacting device to press the paper after accounting and
make it easy to pack paper.


GK-CB is prefolding and bottom-lock equipment (Applicable for cardboard)
Common type and size    
Model 650Type 780Type
A 75-650 75-780
B 60-650 60-780
C(Min) 35 35
Size of bottom lock carton    
Model 650Type 780Type
A 146-650 146-780
B 90-650 90-780
C(Min) 20 20
D(Min) 30 30
Optional: Spraying system
Carton type
Model 650Type 780Type
A 160-650 160-780
B 90-650 90-780
C(Min) 40 40
D(Min) 35 35
P.S. Irregular boxes like the french fries needs gluing nozzles device

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