Working principle and maintenance of automatic folder gluer

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The working principle of the automatic folder gluer is that after the power is turned on, the entire conveyor belt starts to move, and the die-cut semi-finished carton is placed in the paper feeding position of the folder gluer, and the single box piece is automatically set by the conveyor belt according to the paper stop head frame. The good paper feed report is sent to the middle section of the belt (if the semi-finished carton is coated or polished and other surface treatments, after entering the middle section, the corresponding box can be glued on the inner edge by the glue gun at the same time) The conveyor belt will transport the box to the back section The glue box part is pressurized to pack.

Maintenance and maintenance

1 The machinery must be kept clean and cleaned frequently.
2 Wipe the mechanical belt with clean water to keep it clean and prevent slipping, especially to prevent sticking to the belt. The glue wheel and glue box on the bottom of the hook must be cleaned after get off work every day, otherwise the glue in the glue box will freeze and affect the glueing effect.
3 The glue box of the glue part of the fold should be kept clean and frequently scrubbed.
4 It is strictly forbidden to adjust the speed when the governor is stopped, otherwise the belt wear will be severe.
5 The inner row plate support, shaft, and rod should be cleaned frequently. It is better to use a mixture of lubricating oil and butter to prevent rusting by shaking it left and right.
6. It is best to drive slowly before turning on the machine and check whether the machine is abnormal.

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