Working principle and classification of folder gluer

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Working principle and classification of folder gluer

The working principle of the automatic folder gluing machine is that after the power is turned on, the entire conveyor belt starts to move, and the die-cut semi-finished carton is placed in the paper feeding position of the folder gluing machine. Good paper feeding report is sent to the middle belt (if the semi-finished carton is coated or coated, etc., after entering the middle section, the carton can be glued on the inner edge by the glue gun at the same time) The conveyor belt transports the carton to the rear section The gluing part is packed under pressure.

Classification of folder gluer

  • Semi-automatic folder gluer Maximum paper feed width Minimum paper feed width Maximum machine speed Paper thickness Rated power Overall dimensions Applicable paper quality Basic form of paste box Paper feeding method Use adhesive
  • Automatic hook bottom paste box machine Paper processing range Total power Weight Dimensions Dimensions Speed range Function
  • Full-automatic high-speed folder-gluer model function box-making wide width suitable for paper folder-gluing speed required power mechanical size mechanical weight


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